Long Arm


 Reminder:  all quilts needed for the holidays must be in the shop by November 15. 

Helene heads the longarm division of the company.  Vicki and Carol are on the staff as well.  We have samples of designs  and their work can be seen throughout the shop. Each customer may seek a custom design or select from a wide variety of patterns. Both quilters enjoy guiding the customer to the right design for a particular project based on the quilt's design, colors and recipient.


We try to keep the turn-around time to within three weeks. Call ahead to be placed on the list even before you finish !

One definite advantage to having a quilt finished on the longarm is that there is no sandwiching  required ! Just bring the finished top to the shop. We offer a wide selection of batting and backing. The staff knows the details of how to piece a back, if necessary, and how much fabric is required. We also can complete the binding after the piece has been quilted.

Prices range from $.019 to $.035 per square inch with custom designs at the high end.

Binding:  We offer bindings services at $.16 per inch.  Mention this when you deliver your quilt if you are interesed in having this done for you.  Bindings can usually be finished in a few days.